Bow Wow's Happy Tails

A number of Bow Wow’s Happy Tails are posted on Angie's List, the award-winning consumer rating service for local businesses across the country. Read a few of them here, along with other reviews heard around the hydrant...

Nora, Kevin and Levee

  • "Our experience with Bow Wow Meow has been fantastic! They are an excellent business with a unique personal touch- our dog receives special one on one time with her walker, and we get daily notes to keep us updated on our pooch's activity for the day.

    "Bow Wow Meow also has a flexible staff whose best interest is in the proper care of our pet. We couldn't be happier with their services! I highly recommend them, and as a matter of fact, I've already recommended them to our neighbors."

Christie, Nancy and Gala

  • "About a week before Christmas I called Heather in a panic – my husband and I were traveling for the holidays and we didn’t have a cat sitter!

    "Heather came over the next day to meet our kitties Nancy and Gala who immediately warmed up to her. While we traveled Heather stopped by a few times to feed the cats and to give them much appreciated attention. She even played Santa on Christmas day and came over to give them treats and catnip!

    "It was a relief to know that our cats were in good hands and we felt safe leaving our home during the holidays knowing Heather would be around. We appreciated the last minute availability, attention to detail and loving approach.

    "We would recommend Bow Wow Meow to any pet owner; they did a great job caring for our pets."

Dawn and Xela

  • "It's wonderful to have the peace of mind and complete trust in a cat sitter. Bow Wow Meow has been there for me, and my cats, from the start and has always been flexible, accommodating, and reassuring – offering extra TLC to my cat Xela when I traveled shortly after her buddy Chester got sick and passed away.

    "They're always there when I need them, and when I return, there's always a nice note to let me know how everything went. I don't know what Xela and I would do without Preston, Heather, and Bow Wow Meow."

Kate and Emi

  • "Bow Wow has been very reliable and accommodating to all of mine and Emi's needs. I don't know what I'd do without them. Bow Wow is a business that makes you feel like part of their family!"

Heather, Mike and Dolly

  • "We’ve used Bow Wow Meow since our dog, Dolly Parton, a Bagle (Basset Hound, Beagle) was a puppy. They were recommended to us by a co-worker. Of course, we were worried about Dolly being home alone during the day, but Bow Wow Meow quickly put our minds at ease. We’ve always felt that Dolly gets all the attention she needs and deserves and that she loves her daily walks. We also get the feeling that she really loves her dog walker too!

    "The dog walkers that we’ve had through Bow Wow Meow have been sweet, accommodating and seem to genuinely care about our dog and love her as much as we do. They are always flexible when it comes to scheduling and are able to adjust her times as needed. The daily notes are always detailed, and the walker seems to be very attentive. Sometimes our walker notices that Dolly is not feeling well before we even have a clue! We’ve also found that the price is very competitive as far as other dog walking companies in the area go.

    "We couldn’t be happier with the service. We would definitely recommend Bow Wow Meow to anyone."

Heather, Michael, Sox and Sadie

  • "My husband and I recently moved to Lincoln Square. We have two dogs, Sox & Sadie, and they are our loves. We moved to Lincoln Square a few weeks before Christmas. We had plans to spend the holiday in Las Vegas with family. My only concern with leaving town so quickly after moving was who would take care of our dogs? I wanted to be able to enjoy my holiday, but I knew that I would not be able to relax unless I was sure that Sox & Sadie were being well taken care of.

    "I found Bow Wow Meow's website while searching for a dog sitter. I loved the website and instantly picked up the phone to call and set up a meet and greet. I left a message and within a matter of a couple of hours, Heather Robinson called me back. She was so friendly! I explained our situation and she said that she would be more than happy to come over and meet our dogs.

    "From the second Heather walked in our door, Sox & Sadie were so comfortable, which put my mind at ease. Heather was great with them. She came into our home three times a day and took our loves to the park, fed them and played with them. Heather even sent us text messages and pictures while we were gone so that we could see them!

    "I would highly recommend Bow Wow Meow to anyone looking for away care for your pet. I know that I will call Heather the next time we leave town!"

Maggie and Griffin

  • "Griffin and I are very pleased with all our walkers at Bow Wow. They really care about Griffin and leave nice notes detailing his "antics" each day. They are also very flexible regarding schedule changes and unexpected 4-legged guests."

Frank, Keri and Murphy

  • "Without any hesitation whatsoever, we recommend Bow Wow Meow to anyone looking for trustworthy, reliable and friendly dog walkers. They have been walking Murphy from the first week we brought him home. We also appreciate that if our primary walker is out of town, Bow Wow Meow makes sure there’s a substitute we’ve met who will be filling in. We like the personal experience Bow Wow Meow delivers. Giving someone access to our house and, more importantly, our dog, was a scary thought at first. However, with Bow Wow Meow, we have no reason to worry. We couldn’t be more pleased!"

Chris, Cathy and Dru

  • "We became a client of Bow Wow Meow after they were referred to us by our previous pet sitter of six years after their owner shut down the business because of family priorities.

    Heather and Aaron came out to visit us at our apartment to meet us and our kitty Dru. Dru is very affectionate with us but very shy around strangers. After checking Aaron out she let him pet her at that very first meeting which we read as a very good sign.

    We were on vacation for a full week and Dru who is 6.5 years old has never been left alone that long before because in the past she had the companionship of our other kitty Masha, who unfortunately passed away last fall. Because we were concerned, Aaron called us at our hotel that same day to assure us that everything was OK and that Dru was doing fine.

    "Upon our return we found that Aaron had left us detailed notes on a daily basis about each of his visits. Dru was clearly healthy and happy when we got back and we did not hesitate at all to have him come back into our home to take of Dru when we visited out of town family Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends."

More Happy Tails from Angie's List...

  • "Bow Wow Meow has been walking our puppy for several months ... since she was just 8 weeks old. They're very reliable and always leave little status reports so we know how the day went. They're also good about making last minute schedule changes in case we change our plans."

  • "Bow Wow Meow (BWM) has been walking our elderly dog four days per week for nearly one year. It has provided consistent top-notch service, allowing us to feel better when we leave for work each day. BWM has always walked within the agreed-upon walking window each day and has left updates as to how our dog was during the walk, other dogs met on the walk, which direction in the neighborhood the walk took place, and, of course, bathroom activities."

  • "We LOVE BWM and would (and have) recommend them to friends in our neighborhood considering dog walking services. They really care about their clients and go above and beyond their agreed upon service level. For example, we recently received a call from BWM during our walking time frame indicating that our dog was ill and needed immediate attention. The walker not only provided specifics about our dog's condition, she quickly cleaned up after our dog and determined that the emergency animal hospital was open. She drove our dog there while keeping in constant contact with us until we met her at the animal hospital, which greatly assisted in obtaining timely medical attention for our dog, and making us feel better that while we couldn't get there immediately, someone who cares about our dog nearly as much as we do was with our dog. BWM's attention and care continued after the hospital stay, the BWM owner even came over with our regular walker to visit Lindy on the first regular walk after the medical incident."

  • "During the initial interview Heather brings the walker to meet your pet. They go over the company services and rules. From that day onward it has been a good working relationship. We get informative notes every day letting us know how the walks went which really helps us monitor the dog's wellbeing."

  • “Bow Wow Meow walked our dog once a day on weekdays with kindness and compassion as if she was their own dog. All walks were done individually. They kept a log of how the walks went each day and were very thorough.”

  • “These dog walkers are awesome! Preston, our walker, became one of our dog Daisy's best friends. They are very thorough, kind, and compassionate toward us and Daisy. For the high level of service, they are an incredible bargain. We are sad to be moving to an area they don't serve.”

  • “I was taking care of my sister's dog after they evacuated from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. I was referred to Delphina from someone in my building. Delphina came and met Hannah and we set up once-a-day walks for her, while I was at work. Delphina was awesome and clearly cared for Hannah. I got a daily report on Hannah and how she was doing that day. Delphina was a great resource for me, as I had never had a dog before. She was very responsive to Hannah's special needs. I enthusiastically recommend Delphina and Bow Wow Meow. If I ever have a dog again, I will definitely use Bow Wow Meow.”

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